"The quality of a Sparkland Cavalier Will be Remembered, 
long after the Price is Forgotten"
I have been breeding for over 7 years now. Cavaliers are a joyous part of my life. All of my Cavaliers are treated like one of my children. I am not a kennel or puppy mill. I have a small group of Cavalier females that I breed to my own males. All of my Cavaliers are indoor pets and are free to roam my home and the back yard as they choose. All puppies are handled by me and the members of my family daily. My children hold and play with the puppies from day one and the puppies are very well socialized around children and other animals when they leave my home. Every puppy that is born in my home is treated like one of my own and spoiled rotten. I try to find homes that are going to keep up with the spoiling since that is what I believe every pet deserves.

I have choosen my lines carefully, and have researched them as far back as I can go from the breeders that I have purchased them from. They were choosen on a number of different qualities, including a healthy background, confirmation and last but certainly not least champion stock. All of my Cavaliers are taken in for extensive routine vet examinations. All are free from any defects. All the necessary test for hearts, eyes and hips are performed by board certified vets. I do not breed any of my cavaliers until they are at least 2 1/2 years old and free of any defects. The parents to all of my dogs are free and clear past the age of 5. Any Cavalier that should come up with a murmur will be immediately spayed/neutered regardless of there age even if they are over 5 years old. Currently all dogs are free of any genetic disorders. All of my puppies are vet checked at least twice before the leave my home.

All of my puppies come with dews removed and age appropriate shots. I also offer a 2 year life threatening genetic guarantee on all of my pups. The puppies are AKC registered unless otherwise stated. Puppies also come with a puppy pack which contents vary depending on the season and availability of some items. All puppies born in my home have there picture taken weekly and I make a book for you to keep of your baby starting at day one. I also include a picture of the parents and the siblings. I feel this helps make you a part of your puppies life and they make great little books to show to family and friends.

I Will ship puppies if needed, but they must be at least 10 weeks of age. There are several different shipping options so please inquire which will work best for you.

I do offer my male up for stud service to approved females only. All current health testing and your AKC paperwork must be brought with you.

I do currently have a waiting list for my Cavaliers. Please feel free to contact me anytime to check availability or to be placed on the waiting list for upcoming litters. I do take deposits on my puppies. If a puppy is not already spoken for before it is born, I start taking deposits at 1 week old. Once a deposit is placed on a puppy you are more than welcome to come and visit your puppy as much as you like. I actually encourage this, it starts the bonding process sooner and makes the transition all the much easier.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.


What health testing do you have done on the parents and do you have the certificates?

I have all of my adults tested annually for hearts, hips and eyes. The heart and hips are OFA and the eyes are CERF certified. At this point in time, all of my Cavaliers are free of any defects as of there last checks in 2006. My oldest Cavalier is 7 years old currently and he is in perfect condition. People are always surprised when I tell them how old he is, they think he is just a couple years old. As for the certificates, yes I have them and I will show or copy them at your request.

How come your puppies are so much more expensive then other puppies I see?

This seems to be the most popular question of them all. And unfortunately in this breed and many others the saying "You Get What You Pay For" is very much true. The cheaper priced puppies are often from puppy mills and or shipped over from Ireland puppy mills. You can purchase an entire litter for around 700.00 in Ireland. So many breeders that have these less expensive puppies have done so, or they have shipped there own dogs over and sell there off spring for 900-1200 or less. They know nothing or very little about the background of there dogs and puppies. They do not do the proper testing and the matings are not planned for anything other than profit. They may say they do the testing, but can they show proof. And not just something there vet wrote out for them. It should be  the OFA and CERF certified paperwork with there logos. In addition I can't tell you how many phone calls I have taken from people who have went ahead and purchased a puppy from one of these people. Only to hear the same response over and over again. They call me back for my opinion on what to do with this sick puppy, dead puppy and we won't discuss the outrageous vet bills they have now incurred and the broken hearts that will need to be mended. The next topic of discussion is why will the breeder not call me back, why will they not honor there guarantee that they said they offered yet I have seen nothing on paper. The next topic to discuss would be the registration of the dogs. AKC is the only acceptable paperwork. FIC, ACA, CKC etc etc etc. These registries mean nothing as far as a purebred dog is concerned. Most often members of these clubs are people who are not in good standing with the AKC or they themselves did not pay what is cost to get a quality AKC dog with full registration. Also alot of times on the IKC registered dogs they never get the paperwork from the puppy mills over there and they sell you the dog saying you can transfer them over to AKC. True if they get the paperwork. Any dog bought here in the United States, should come with AKC paperwork, you should not have to pay the fees (around 200.00) to get them transfered over to AKC. The breeder should have taken on this task for you.

I on the other hand have spent a great deal of time and money on the dogs that I have. I produce puppies to better the breed and in hopes to produce my next show potential. Of course not every puppy can be worthy of the show ring and the remainders are sold as pets. I take great pride in my dogs and puppies. All of my dogs have all of there certifications done annually, they are fed top quality food, treats and vitamins and they are a big part of our everyday family lives. They do not live in kennels, they are not shut out from our lives, I do not need the money from the puppies to pay my bills and they are given every possible thing they could ever want for. When you purchase a puppy from me, it will come HEALTHY, happy, well socialized, started on shots, litter box trained and it will be the best possible offspring and as close to breed standard or above that I can offer. I am also there for the duration of the puppy/dogs life to answer any questions or concerns, I offer a 2 year written health guarantee that I am willing to honor should anything ever arise. And I offer to dog sit my babies/adults for ever. Anyone and  everyone is more than welcome to come visit my home and my dogs. You will always find a clean happy enviroment that the puppies and my own dogs live in. They roam not only my home but the yard and the swimming pool for those that choose to. I am always happy to provide certifications, vet and personal references. I am a proud member of the AKC and the Cavalier King Charles Club of Arizona.

Are Cavaliers good with children?

Yes they are wonderful with children. In fact my first cavalier was purchased for my son as his first dog. I wanted a kid friendly dog that was not to small and not to large. The Cavalier ranked in the top 3. They are perfect for children of all ages.

Do you offer stud service?

Yes I do offer stud service to approved AKC registered females only. Please call for availability and details.

How much do you charge for your stud service?

I charge Pick Of The Litter.

Do you have any pictures?

I do have picture of all the parents and the puppies that are for sale. I can email you these attachments. I will be posting some pictures on the site when I am finished with the design. Keep checking back for updates and pictures. Please email me with any questions you may have. I will do my best to answer them all and put them on my site for everyone else to view. 

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