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 The following will help you along with your new puppy. Puppies are all very cute and loving but they also require a few different things to help them along in turning them in to a healthy dog that will keep them with you for as long as possible.


The diet of a young puppy should consist of a premium dry food made specifically for the growing stage. This is not the area to cut corners, when it will reflect on the puppies overall health right into adulthood. Make sure that the ingredients are USDA inspected, not the refuse of contaminated sources. I choose to feed my babies Nutro. All puppies will come with a puppy pack including a sample of this particular brand. I have fed this to my dogs for over 5 years now and their coats and health are superb. Nutro offers a variety of different choices for your baby. Including a line for small breeds. I also ad some linotone oil to there hard food. This aids in keeping the coat shiny it also helps prevent drying of skin and overall is a wonderful supplement for your cavalier. I also feed my little darlings a brewers yeast with garlic tablet once a day. This helps prevent any unwanted fleas and ticks and is also extremely healthy for your cavalier. Please take all of this up with your vet he/she will be able to advise you what is best for your baby. It is also a good idea for him/her to know what kind of diet your baby is on.


I strongly suggest keeping a large amount of rawhide bones and carrots around for your little one to chew on. A teething puppy will chew up anything to help relive there sore gums. The carrots are a wonderful choice for this , not only do they serve the purpose they are good for them as well. A tip for those who choose the raw hide treats, make sure to replace them often, I have seen many pups choke on a small piece of rawhide, which can result in a quick trip to your vet. Please watch for an update in this section for some recipes on some wonderful treats you can make yourself with common household ingredients. These work well for training and for those "You are so cute have a treat" days. Please remember with any pet, to many treats can become an issue with weight.


There are so many changes going on with regards to vaccinations. It is getting hard to keep up. A puppy is born with a natural immunity from the dam that lasts only fro a few short weeks (6-8). Cavalier pups usually start there vaccinations between 6-8 weeks of age and need a series of 4 puppy shots along with a rabies shot at the required age in your state. All vets have a different schedule so please discuss this with him/her on your initial well puppy visit. It is wise to keep an eye on your recently vaccinated pup. I have heard many cases of puppies having reactions to shots. So keep this in mind when scheduling there appointment. Make it on a day where you can spend a lot of quality time with your pet to make sure nothing happens. If this should happen you need to call your vet as soon as possible to bring your pup back in.

House Training

I personally suggest kennel training or dog litter training. Although there are many different ways to train your puppy the first and most important thing to remember is to be consistent. If you don't follow through your puppy wont either and the longer you wait the harder this process will be. Discuss with the breeder what they have been doing with the puppy and also what they find to be effective. They may also be able to make a suggestion as to what will fit into your lifestyle to help with this task.

Spay & Neuter

There are a dozen excellent reasons for pets to be altered, and not one good one I can think of for not having it done. Leaving a pet intact can cause serious life threatening conditions to arise, such as mammary tumors, & pyometra. Speak with your vet about the benefits of alterations. You may have your pet for additional years because you did. 

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